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The BearSoxMovies Wiki is a collaborative website about BearSoxMovies that anyone can edit! Created by User:PawsomePerry, BearSoxMovies is a channel which hosts Skits and Collabs every week! Every week there is something new to see and something awesome to watch.

The Pawsome Stuff
Featured Character
Jemma is Perry Sunray's good friend. She is also an unpopular girl at School, like Perry. Jemma is very loud and according to Perry, she always let's you know what she's thinking. She enjoys spending time alone practicing the piano but she also very compassionate.

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PawsomePerry is the featured user for January! She is currently an admin here. She is an LPS fan. The shows that she watches include The Walking Dead.

Perry of this wiki owns anything pertaining to BearSoxMovies. She also owns any of the pictures posted here unless stated otherwise. She created the channel and runs it.